Monday, November 14, 2011

Some Neat Stuff From The Garden

After working in the garden for four hours, I grabbed the camera and took some pictures. Sorry for the lack of words. I am beat from trying to finish my fall chores and boy am I glad I'm done planting my bulbs.

Porcelain Berries (Ampelopsis brevipedunculata)

Blooming wild violets.

Nice contrasting color of columbine and Epimedium rubra leaves.

Clean and crisp columbine leaves.

Senescing hosta and evergreen Dame's Rocket.

Arisaema berries.


Anonymous said...

Love those berries at this time of year.

Andrea said...

Will you be leaving the hosta just in the ground during winter? Those Arisaema berries, they are lovely too. Will they just rot, or eaten by birds? How are you Lily?

scottweberpdx said...

Beautiful post...I LOVE the Porcelain Berries!

Andrea said...

I have commented here yesterday, i wonder why it didn't appear now when i visit again. Now i am thinking maybe my other comments in some blogs are not posted too.

Lily said...

Thanks for the visit. Love those berries too even the Porcelain Berry vine is listed as invasive, I still want it in my garden. :)

Yes I will leave the hosta(s) in the ground. They need cold period. I will collect the arisaema seeds, some years I just left them alone and let mother nature do her thing. :)


Lily said...


I am doing okay. We were out of town last weekend and Monday night I went back to work. This 12 hour shift is crazy hence the reason for not posting your comments in timely fashion. My DD goes to school and you know how that is. :) All of your comments (and others') are posted and answered. :) Have a nice day!

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