Friday, November 4, 2011

Peonies And Fall Colors

I went a little crazy adding peonies in my garden. Aside from an online order, I purchased tree and Itoh peonies. I have seen these peonies in our fellow bloggers gardens.

I bought two Kopper Kettles on sale at Lurvey's.

Purple flowered tree peonies bought at Berthold's.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that they will make it through the winter.

Fall in my garden...

And it is official that my Amaryllis Belladonnas are not going to bloom. They sent up foliage and no flower stalks.


PlantPostings said...

Good luck with the Peonies! It will be fun to see you report on them in the springtime! My garden looks similar right now--but covered with Oak leaves.

Andrea said...

I pity the hostas the most among your wilting plants. I can see a Song of India there, meaning it can stand the cold! My mother has it too, always eaten by goat kids. That amaryllis has already a very big bulb, how old is it? The Rhodophiala bifida already emerged but the Lycoris are not yet shooting.

Alistair said...

Hope your peonies do well, the ones that struggle in our garden are the Tree peonies. alistair

Lily very remiss of me, just noticed that you were not on my page (Your Gardens) I will add it now if you would want it removed do let me know.

scottweberpdx said...

Wonderful post...I just love that glorious gold color of the Hosta!

Lily said...

@Plant Postings,
Thanks. I read that the tree peonies need to be planted in the ground at least six weeks before the first frost. Hoping I won't lost them as I've just planted them. They are an impulse purchase at the garden center. :) Will definitely report back in the spring.

I am halfway done with the clean up of my garden. Those hostas you see are the ones I did not cut down. Some fall colors for me to see when I pull in the driveway when I get home from work. :) I had those amaryllis for 2 years. I got them as extra large bulbs from California and sent a dozen to my mom but they all rotted in the tropical weather there. Great to hear about the Oxblood lilies doing well.

It is great to hear from you my friend. So sorry for my long absence in the blogging world. Life is a bit hectic here. :) I hope they do well too. Larry has some to die for peonies hence the addition of these peonies in my garden. :)

Thanks for adding my blog to your list. I appreciate it. :)

Thanks, I do love the colors too!

Steve Lau said...

I see you've noticed the beauty of tree peonies. I'm also fairly a newbie with TPs, and successfully germinated them this spring.

I have a few grafted TPs as well, but this year I have a few thousand seeds planted of various species. They only cost 99cents on eBay for 20 seeds, so .05 per seed now so I went a bit overboard and filled up a few garden beds with these guys hoping many will sprout next spring as some which are shallower are already showing their roots.

It will be very fun to watch them germinate in a mass quantity.

Lily said...


Congratulations for your success in germinating peony seeds.

I see those seeds on sale at Ebay everytime I check what peonies are on auction. I did not get lucky germinating herbaceous peony seeds so I am not going to try germinating TP seeds.

I will check your flickr album and thanks for stopping by. Hope to talk to you again in the future. :)

Steve Lau said...


The trick with herbeceous or tree peony seeds is that they need a double dormancy in order to germinate which means once they are swollen up and sprout a root, they need cool temperatures in order to make them produce leaves. Other than that, most of their seeds are usually viable.

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