Monday, May 3, 2010

Asiatic Lily Graffiti

Tango Asiatic lily 'Graffiti'- my second lily bloomer for the season which basically has the same story as Olina except it did not spend growing under grow lights all the time. The maroon to brown blotches contrast rather nicely with the yellow color of the flower. It really looked so eye-catching.

A couple of my amaryllises are also blooming. Since the amaryllis season began last fall, I have succession of amaryllis blooming up until now.

'San Remo' is a pretty looking amaryllis with tiny pink dots which makes up the color of the flower.

My favorite 'Sydney' has rebloomed. It has bigger flowers this year. What I really like about 'Sydney' is that it is a great pod parent. Last year, I crossed it with 'Benfica' and it took all the pollens. I am planning to cross it with 'Rosario' or 'Lima'.

I spotted this iris blooming in my garden today. I love its soothing color.


garden girl said...

Very sweet blooms. I love lilies. They need protection in our garden or the bunnies eat them to the ground (if the squirrels don't dig them up first.)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I always think of Amaryllis as winter-blooming plants. It's neat that some of yours are blooming now. Your bearded Iris color reminds me of the little bulbous Iris 'Kathryn Hodgkin.' It's lovely.

Lily said...

Thanks Garden Girl. Asiatic lilies are blooming soon so I will be posting more lily pics.

Lily said...

My amaryllises are kinda 'asleep' last winter. I brought them out of dormancy.

Iris Kathryn Hodgkin's color does resemble my NOID bearded iris.

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