Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Is Going On?

It is the second week of May and I see a flower scape from my Hosta 'Lemon Lime'. It usually blooms in June and this hosta variety is known to rebloom. This is a mini hosta, about 6" tall with chartreuse leaves and purple flowers. It has produced numerous sports, one of them is 'Twist of Lime'.

After our unseasonable heatwave last month, my Oriental lily 'Mona Lisa' got confused. Oriental lilies bloom from July to August. The Asiatics bloom in June before the Orientals. This photo was taken a few days ago, now the buds are bigger. Even my Asiatics don't have buds as big as these.

Some of my hostas have grown big that my common Arisaema Triphyllum are not seen in my garden unless you part or lift a few hosta leaves.

Inspecting my lily leaves is like looking for hosta leaves if they show a sign of HVX (hosta virus x). Last fall, I bought some lily bulbs from Brent and Becky's Bulbs. Planted in this pot are Oriental lilies 'Garden Party'. They are short lily variety which are suitable for pot culture. One got the light green streaks in the leaves which I suspect is TVB (Tulip Breaking Virus).

Another lily with suspicious-looking leaves and growth is Oriental 'Dizzy'. The pic below is from last year. There are two 'Dizzies' in my garden, the 'Dizzy' on the left is the one affected.

Oriental lily 'Dizzy'

Here are the leaves of my Lilium Auratum. Notice the light green color in them.

Lilium Auratum pic taken last year.

My LO (Longiflorum-Oriental) Triumphator's top growth looked weird. I hope this is nothing serious as this is the lily that decided to poke thru the ground during winter time.

LO lily 'Triumphator'

Hundreds of baby spiders were hatched on top of my Sedum 'Kamtchasticum'.

An amaryllis currently blooming here. A 'Minerva' look-alike. The style is short which is exhibited in both flowers from this amaryllis.


Mr Brown Thumb said...

The same thing happened with one of my Oriental lilies. I thought maybe it had something to do with a cold snap or dryness. It looks almost exactly like the leaves of the stunted pic you posted.

Lily said...


I am not sure what they are and maybe you are right that it has something to do with the weird weather. I am doing some research. Will do a follow-up post.

I accidentally rejected one of your comments. Sorry about that.

Lily said...

MBT,I retrieved the other comment from my email.

garden girl said...

I've always had lilies in previous gardens. Here the rabbits eat them, if the squirrels don't dig them up first. I have four survivors fenced in as a defense - hope they bloom this year!

Lily said...

Good idea to fence them in. I will be looking forward to seeing your lilies in your blog.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Could you pop over to this post
and look at the last photo of my Oriental Lily foliage. I can't tell if it's supposed to look like that or if it has a disease.

I just found a bunch of those baby spiders hanging over my A/C unit. Aren't they cute?

Anonymous said...

The leaves of your Lilium Auratum are showing clear symptoms of "viris". Nearly all liliums (species and other hardy varieties excepted) will get these symptoms if the viris is alowed to spread transmitted by aphids. You should remove the plant unfortunately. Commercial lily growers are constantly battling viris and you probably got unlucky by buying in an infected bulb sometime. You can't cure viris except by tissue culture.
Lily Grower

Lily said...


Thank you for the visit and taking the time to leave a comment. The lilies are already dug and put in the garbage a couple of years ago. This spring I dug 4 lilies that showed virus thru their leaves. Yes, I bought some bulbs from a not so reputable sellers and big box stores plus aphids transmittal too. I have some hybrid tulips growing in the lily beds and I am going to dig them out, if time will allow.

TBV has no cure and the infected lilies should be disposed and that is what I am doing. I shun away from cheap lilies from big box stores and unscrupulous online sellers.

Thanks again.

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