Sunday, May 30, 2010

Were They Eaten By Rabbits And Deers?

I never had a problem with rabbits and deers before. For the first time in my eight years of gardening,last Friday some of my plants have signs that something ate them. I checked for the last two days for more attack, but there was none.

Here are some of the plants:

Heuchera Palace Purple and two Cocktail Twins.

Night Flyer

and Karen North.

Three lilies of about a dozen that were cut down to about 2-3 feet(as seen on pic) and were randomly picked here and there around the garden. There is a wooded area about a mile from my house. So the possibility deers and rabbits ate them is high or maybe some kids in my neighborhood got in my garden.

My garden in the front yard where these things happened.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I would suspect deer, because bunnies aren't that tall. They'll buzz lilies down to about 3 or 4 inches. Get thee to the garden center and purchase some Liquid Fence. It lasts for a long time, but you have to keep spraying the new growth. And I would spray everything, as you never know what might appeal to deer.

Lily said...

Thank you for the advice. Will get Liquid Fence tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I got up and this morning and found all the blossoms on my lollipop lilies (I have them in a role total 16 lilies) are gone...
I hope it was deer or other animals. I would be super mad if this were done by a person (teenagers?)
My sweet peas in the back were also snapped off...
Your garden looks good.

Lily said...

I know how you feel. 16 lollipops! I am sure the impact in your garden is awesome. And then one morning they were gone. It's terrible what they did to your garden. The sweet peas were not even spared. I hope you'll get lots of bloom from your lollipops next year.

After this incident in my garden, there is only one lily that has been snapped off. And there are lots of lilies growing in that area and they only picked one so it is a person not animal. Hubby bought a camera to see who is doing it.

Thank you.

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