Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Vegetable Garden

Here is my tiny veggie garden. Last year I grew lots of tomatoes and peppers and this year it will be different veggies.

It is my first time to try to grow these beans. I bought these on sale at HOBO.

These seed packets were bought by my father in law last year and were never planted. This year, I finally got them in the ground.

The beans grew nicely. Please excuse the bad pic.

Though a year old seeds, the lettuce still have good germination rate.

It is the same with the Swiss Chard and they grew beautifully.

Still part of the veggie garden is this patch of garlic and sedum groundcovers. I will be moving these sedums when it is time to harvest the garlic.

These are old potatoes that I saved in the basement since winter.

I planted this potato in a pot with amaryllis in it. When I tried to move it to the veggie bed, I was surprised to see some small potatoes already growing.

I also planted an eggplant and I am planning to add a few oriental veggies.


Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I had no idea potatoes were so easy to grow. I just stuffed a sprouting one in my leaf mold bin. We shall see if anything comes of it.
Those little seedlings are really cute.

Lily said...

And the potato was planted in the pot for not too long.

I should have started those seedlings a little earlier indoors but I forgot about them.

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