Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Garden At My Local Library (Part 1)

It was almost two months ago since I last visited my local library's garden. There was so much change now. From the just emerging plants and the bare grounds in betweens, comes the fully leaf-out plants and are in full bloom.

The arts that are featured in the garden are awesome. There were also fine specimens of hostas, ornamental grasses, flowering shrubs and perennials. The gravel paths are winding that leads to the 'Story Ring' tucked in one of the corners of the garden.

The "Alphabet Chair" is a fine bronze sculpture by Sarah Peters. Each letter has a textured pattern which are puzzles to contemplate.

A statue of Robert Burns, the great "peasant-poet" from Scotland.

A garden ornament nestled among the rose bushes.

A bench nicely placed in an area to sit, relax and enjoy what is blooming in the garden.

The 'Story Ring' is beautifully designed to accomodate kids for story reading.

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garden girl said...

Very nice! We have a new library built in the last few years, and they've done beautiful things with sculpture and gardens. It's a wonderful enhancement to our tiny (blink and you'll pass it) downtown area.

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