Friday, May 28, 2010

Garden Blooms

I finally had the time to do a post. I am so glad with this 3-day weekend. I hope I can catch up with all of the garden chores that need to be addressed. The horse manure that I picked up at Palatine Park District two weeks ago is still waiting to be put down in the garden beds. The black plastic edging that we installed needs to be filled in with dirt. I still have some weeding to do in the hosta beds. The wild violets are becoming invasive here in my garden. Yesterday, I sprayed some of the weeds with weedkiller along the sidewalk. That will at least save me some time. I am also working on our little veggie garden.

Sharing with you some of the flowers and plants that I have been enjoying in my garden.

Amaryllis Charisma

Reblooming for me this year is Amaryllis Roma.

Last year, I traded some of my lilies with these irises.





My first rose bloom. I use to have a dozen of rose bushes. But I have given them away because I needed the space for my lilies and hostas. I now have only two bushes left.

Last fall, I bought some mixed Dutch irises at Walmart. Out of 15, only 4 bloomed.

Polygonatum and its visitor.

Salvia May Night and Blue Hill

Hosta First Frost

Hosta Orange Marmalade

Hosta Whirlwind

I am so excited with this one. Crinum Carolina Beauty has sent up a scape! Maybe in a couple of days I will see the first blossom. I love crinums just as much as I love amaryllis.

Lilium Regale

Asiatic Lily Commander in Chief

A few more days and some of my lilies will be blooming. I will be posting pics when they do. Have a nice weekend everyone.


garden girl said...

I'm not familiar with crinums - googled them, and can see why you love them. Your blooms are gorgeous Lily.

Do you have problems with rabbits eating your lilies? I used to grow a lot of lilies, but here, I have to fence them in to protect them from all the bunnies.

Lily said...

Thanks GG.

I don't have problems with rabbits until last Friday where they munched on my Heuchera Palace Purple and few lilies. I have a lot of emerging lilies and I am afraid I won't see blooms of my newly purchased lilies.

Crinums and amaryllis belong to the same family. My problem is storage in the winter time as my small crinum collection are planted in large pots.

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